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Love Your Pets 

Dogs, cats and other pets are companions, friends and brothers. We certainly do not treat them merely as animals, but as “human beings”. There is a very strong relationship between our pets. Until, when they wound, wound our hearts also. When they are sick, we treat them. We check his heart, we check his lungs, just like humans are sick get the best treatment.We sleep with our beloved pets. Play together and eat together. Kiss her, hug her, and “speak” heart to heart when our confronted a deep sadness. I do not know why, after talking to our pets, there are a load lifted. Our hearts became lighter. Without speak human words, our dog-cat-pet, has become friends in grief and happiness.

There are many stories that tells the close relationship between us and our pets. Hachiko story really reveals the depth of the meaning of loyalty. Loyalty of a dog to his friend (starring Richard Gere) who never ending (you can read other stories: Lao’s dog, Bobby’s dog etc.). We, humans, are often considered himself above the animal, often failing to have this endless devotion.

The story of true loyalty of our pets, is a dimension of “transcendental” owned by them. Not only humans that have transcendental dimension, but they are also. This dimension, that unites the soul between us as humans and our pets that we love so.

We often hear the teachings to love God and neighbor. Within this theory, the meaning of “neighbor” had been narrowed down to humans alone. Based on what has been described above, we need to expand the meaning of “neighbor” is. “Everyone” is not only directed at humans, but also to other creatures, including the pets we love. “You shall love your pet, like you”, is the third commandment, for you and me.

If we’ve learned to love our pets like we love ourselves, then we are one step closer to be able to have a heart to love the earth where we live. With a broad and lasting love, we will grow together in the earth a happy balance. Without love, we would fall on the materialization of life where all the commercial things without limit.


Kreativity for Lucky Pet

“When we decided to keeping animals, then they’ve hung up their lives to us until Lord taketh away. Until then, learn to love him and never quit or give up on love until the end”. It is an expression of love of pet lovers. Love makes all the pets get lucky.

In love there is creativity. Have you ever fallen in love? At that time, we developed extraordinary creativity. All things come to life. Wind, water, rocks, trees, leaves speak to us. When their words we told our lovers, our lovers can feel our love. In addition, we can give the gift of a lot of things that were previously unthinkable. We can create a lot of shocking event. Life is so full of color … Beautiful ..

God is the creator. In His love, God created the universe and its contents. In theological language, we know the word “providence”, meaning: a manifestation of God’s foresightful care for his creatures ( Without love, without creativity there is no luck. In the dictionary, it is said also that “luck is an unknown and unpredictable phenomenon”. It really describes a world full of love, the world is full of creativity, a world full of surprises, a world full of caring, exciting world …

We are the image of God, who had such great creativity. Creativity that we use to keep our pets. And it seems, all pets that live with us, saying: “I am the lucky pet”. Because, they live with you, pet lovers.

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